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SP400 Series  
Low Odour, non toxic inks for printing on PVC/Acrylics/Polycarbonate/Polyester.
  • Forms a tough and flexible chemical resistant film.
  • Good drying properties.
  • Lone term outdoor durability.
  • PU lacquer compatible.
  • Good Screen stability

SP450 Series

Air drying solvent based screen printing inks for polyethylene/polycarbonate films and containers.
  • Forms a tough and flexible chemical resistant film.
  • Good drying properties.
  • Good adhesion on treated polyethylene and polypropylene substrates.
SP500 Series

Specially formulated inks for motorcycle/automobile decals.
  • 1K/2K systems depending on printing application.
  • Superior gloss with good drying properties.
  • Long term outdoor durability & flexibility.
  • Good Resistance to Petrol/Oil/Water/Acid Alkali/Heat.
  • Excellent Screen stability.
Suitable for Manual & Automatic Printing Machines
SP600 Series
These inks are specially suited for printing on glass, ceramics, metal & thermosets because of their excellent adhesion properties.
  • For printing high quality product in the glass, automotive electrical industries.
  • Good drying properties.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance.
  • Resistance to Alcohols, oils, fats & numerous chemicals.
  • 1K/2K systems depending on printing application.
  • Superior Flexibility & Printability
SP700 Series
1K/2K clear overcoat inks designed to protect ink printed on PVC / Acrylic / Polycarbonate / Polyester films & composites.
  • Quick Drying with Superior Glass Characteristics
  • Good Resistance to Petrol/Oil Water/Acid/Alkali/Heat.
  • Long term outdoor durability with excellent flexibility
  • Suitable for overcoating on all ink systems

Recommended Auxiliaries

Screen Ink Reducer SR4100: 10-20 % of ink to get desired consistency
Screen Ink Reducer SR4200: 10-20 % of ink to get desired consistency when required to make ink slow drying
Cleaning aid*     SC4300  
Screen wash*       Ss4400  
  • Custom formulated for your ink systems
  • High Flash Point (>60C)
  • Low Toxicity leanding to increased handling safety
  • Low Odour
  • Improved Biodegradability
  • Designed for both manual & automatic systems
Free from Nitrobenzene, Ortho Dichlorobenzene, Dimethylformamide, Xylene, Methylene Chloride, Trichloroethylene

Ink Selection Chart

ABC       √*
Acrylates       √*
PVC, rigid         √*
PVC, plasticized       √*
Treated PE, PP          
Untreated PE, PP          
Glass         √*
Ceramics         √*
Thermosets         √*
Metal         √*

√ - Suitable * - Used as 1K or 2K system
Substrate compatibility for oue products is mentioned in this chart . We also develop custom inks according to your specifications and your substrates.
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